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it's official...
i go back to school on august 29, three days a week, only two classes right now, but both sciences, which i am not good at.

classes begin.... MONDAY.

i can't believe i'm going back. it's crazy.
but i'm excited. i want to learn this stuff, i want to get it this time around. and i want to do well. i want this new career plan more than anything. :) yay for me.
and yay for my mom being willing to help me pay this. because otherwise there is no way i could possibly do it.

my entire work schedule will be changing. which is ok, it's just going to cause minor issues at the church, as my wed's are no longer free to be at the church the entire day. it will work out, my priest knows the plans i have, so i think he'll be ok with moving our staff meeting, i hope. will have to talk to him this week about it.

ack. school!

i realized yesterday that next monday is the 29th. i had been going around and answering the 29th when people said, 'when do classes start?' but had apparently no idea that the 29th was NEXT MONDAY! am trying to remain calm, have to get parking pass, student ID, and books, this week. chem books costing upwards of $130, and i am certain the bio. classes will be arouns the same. who has that kind of money to spend on books you'll read through for 4 months and then give away? seriously.

i spent a good deal of money on my books at rwc. but never that much on one. my classes required about 6 books a class (on average) and although i spent that much per class, it was 6 BOOKS! not one. good God.

oh, AND i talked to my boss at wegs yesterday re: severe lack of hours this week. and she said she's got me back up at 22-ish next week. which is nice of her. however, this means in all probability that those hours are during my classes and thereby i don't really have 22 hours. i have something like 4. grrr. but it's not her fault, she didn't know i was a maniac and going back to school and hadn't decided till just now and didn't get into classes until JUST THIS MINUTE. oi.

will update with more later. right now, my to-do list is quite long... in fact, i think i'll share it so you all can say, 'wow kate, you are so busy. i don't know how you're going to fit classes in to your schedule.' and be impressed with me. :) ha

*find curriculum for jr/sr high class. (requires a lot of reading)
*write letters to potential teachers of jr/sr high class.
*write letters to parishoners involved in outside community efforts to see if they will come and share about those at adult forum.
*finish ltr. to skip.
*call all the people i sent letters to a month ago saying i'd call in 2 weeks re: worm (new sunday school for the littler ones).
*call parishes to find possible hosts for sept, nov, and dec. meetings for wings.
*organize and find decor. for classrooms.
*get cash advance to go and buy the stuff still needed for said classrooms
*actually go and buy the stuff.
*call mom re: payment of second class at bcc.
*sort through paperwork.
*go and get ID, car registration, and books... oh wait, need money, move that to friday's things to do list.
*actually mail all those letters.
*get in app. for NB team, which by the way CNY'ers, if you haven't gotten your stuff in for NB team, do it NOW!!
*epistle article and youth group schedule for the epistle written, so judy doesn't kill me.
*email the above to lyle so it's on the church website.
*tell rick i love him. and how thankful i am for him. (never take loved ones for granted. they need to know you care)

um, there was more in my head when i woke up, but it seems to have disappeared. so we'll work off this list for now. argh.


Congrads on going back to school. How exciting! You should make Rick take you back to school shopping...its always the best part and I plan on doing it lnog after I am done with school. I'll be praying for you.

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After we talked this morning, I remembered that this book is intended for youth, and might be of use to you. Tony Jones does a great job of packaging and explaining spiritual practices in a youthful way. Read Think Pray Live is another good title to check out.

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