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updates and yada yada

so i'm on myspace now... and am randomly looking for people. but haven't had a ton of luck finding some people that i have been trying to get back in touch with since college or high school. oh well.

did finish reading harry potter over the weekend. i started it friday and finished it sunday. i have to say, i'm at least as sad as i was at the end of 5. not that the entire book was sad, but the end was. as already told by jk herself, someone major dies. no it isn't harry or hemione or ron. but it is a major person and is horribly sad. i cried again like i did at the end of book 5. i won't give more away, because i know people want to read it for themselves, yada yada, but it's hard to NOT talk about it when i'm bursting with this stuff. suffice it to say, have visited muggle net a lot.

have worked in floral twice. i have to say, i like being outside with the boys more.

baby brother heads out on wed. for a few weeks of rehearsal with the stones (!!!) before the tour begins in boston. i think rick and i will go to pitt. to visit his sister and the family and also get to see the stones with pearl jam(!!!) while there. we also get the little kids this weekend for a couple of days. which will be interesting. haven't 'babysat' in forever. and as rick will be working most of the weekend, it will be me and the kids. i know they are grown enough to not 'need' to be entertained, but at the same time i think i will go overboard with giving them things to do. i'm going to try not to though. reports to follow.

in other news, the youth weekend is next weekend and we had our second meeting on saturday. oh my gosh. i haven't laughed so much in a meeting ever. jim c. (who is erin's brother) is the best. i have really missed him. we used to hang out a lot in high school, and then i went off to college and then i didn't stay in touch like i said i would. to both erin and jim i am grateful that they are still friends with me. jim rocks. erin rocks. i'm really thankful for both of them. :) muchas love.


Right back at ya, chica!

I can't wait to hang with you next weekend - assuming I get to see you more than just at mealtimes ...

10:54 PM  

yay! i heart erin! :)
next weekend will be like a mini-reunion. :) i hope your staff has as much fun this weekend as we did at ours. i'm sure we'll see each other. it'd be way funnier if we did a talent show all together, because then we would all be in it... and oh my goodness. it would be so funny.

7:47 AM  

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