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so as i was coming to this morning, as rick's alarm had gone off 6 times and he wasn't getting up... grrr.
i had the weirdest dream i've had in a while.
i was working at wegs, and the power had gone out. obviously customers wanted to leave, but with the power out, we can't ring up anything. somehow they got the registers back up and a few random lights were on, but for the most part the store was still dark and you couldn't see. i was sent to a register that was with a few others, but basically was near nothing else. it was not my store. but it was supposed to be....

so an older woman comes in my line. she has a ton of stuff, including a large number of soda bottles and such that she wants left in the cart. this cart, was a huge cart, and was FULL. the thing is, it's dark and i can't tell how many bottles she's got, so in order to charge her the right amount, i have to take them all out and scan them with the scan gun. so while i'm doing that, she is taking out the other things. but, soda bottles, salad bottles, gatorade, etc. are supposed to stay in the cart. she's already really irritated with me for taking them out to scan and 'being in her way'.

then, as i'm getting everything from down in her cart scanned, and setting it on the dirt floor (?) i realize she has produce which is mostly smashed, and little things buried beneath the bottles (her real reason for being annoyed, she doesn't want to pay for those things). also, at the bottom of her cart are the bags she wants me to use, so i couldn't ring up everything else as i couldn't bag things. because they were the string type bags and she didn't want paper or plastic. so i mention the smashed items, and she says, no no, they're fine. and so i'm scanning these items now too. but i'm realizing she has a bag of salad or something, but it's less than it should be. she doesn't want the entire thing, so she's opened the bag and taken some out. which means she's still paying the full price, and we have lettuce lying somewhere in the store. wasted. or rather waiting to be shrunk. this irritates me like nothing else. wasted food... so not necessary.

she also has 7 out of 8 gatorade/juice bottles on an 8 pack. which are mixed up, like 3 grape and 4 lime. and they are attached to each other as though they belong this way. i ask her if there is an 8th and she gets really haughty with me and says if she wanted 8 she would buy 8. again, she's paying full price and not getting the entire amount of item, and somewhere there's a bottle of this in the store.

at any rate, someone had come over to replace me on the register, which makes no sense, why were people being able to come into work when we have no power and are trying to shut down the store? again, it's a dream. well i don't know this guy, but he was no help. he kept talking to me while i'm trying to talk to this woman and ask her about the missing bottle. then my friend mike comes over.

i say something to him about i'm heading out and if he waits a few minutes i can leave with him. he asks me what's going on, and i'm muttering about the situation. and the woman keeps taking things out of the cart, which i may have already scanned being that they're supposed to remain in the cart and i was getting to the bottom. oi. but then he made some comment to her about her buying so much and being late for bridge ... or something to that affect. and that made her laugh and then everything was better and all i could think was 'thank God mike's here'.

then i got up. but i had to write it down because mike is a good guy. maybe he'll read this and know that had this really happened (and please believe me, it is FAR more likely that someone would do this than any of you could imagine), and he'd done that, and it would have made my life better, and i know he not only could have, but he would. and i just wanted to share that.


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