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so i'm watching the show hooking up.

this one girl, amy, started seeing this guy and was on the 3rd date with him. she slept with him and then, because her sister didn't like him, she ended it. and said it was moving to fast.

HELLO!?!?!?!?!?!? 3rd date and you're sleeping with him.

oh my.

now i myself have tried a bit of the internet dating thing. but the third date. ... oi. i have to say, not many, if any of the guys i actually met online made it to the second date much less third. i guess i'm really picky. but had they made it to the third, we weren't sleeping together by that point. i'm sorry. maybe that makes me prude-ish or something of the sort, but seriously. to put your physical body on the line by date 3 when you hardly know the person... i don't think so.

the girl is now on date 2 with another guy. she just said, 'maybe if i sleep with him i'll get to the real him'.

i wish she had more self esteem than to think that's the only way to get to know people. or maybe it isn't self esteem she needs, maybe it's just that she needs to talk more with people and learn about them that way. if you have to sleep with someone to get to know them, you probably will never know them based on that alone.

she's a sweet, smart, fun girl who is very pretty.... why does she do this? and now, she's told him she's only slept with two guys ever. i think she's lying. i think she has bigger issues.

not to say i don't, but wow.


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