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my apoligies to all (ha) who read me. we've had downed internet (apparently our cable line outside broke) and thereby have had no connection since sunday.
this week i helped with vacation bible school. my parish does this with another parish every year. i was teaching rising grades 3-4 and so had 10 8-9 year olds. very entertaining in and of themselves. on wednesday, we acquired a new girl, jamie. we were all seated on the floor in our class room working on some painting and both of us saw, out of the corner of our eyes, a little person (i.e. young child) appear at our door. jamie happened to be closer to the door than i, but we both looked up and then jamie turned to me with horror in her eyes. i couldn't see this initially, but this small person, about 3, was naked from the waist down.

8-9 year old girls freak out at the sight of penises.

so i got up and left the room with the young man and helped him pull up his shorts, followed him into the bathroom to find a diaper (he is potty trained, but was wearing the diaper at vbs for safety, he told me), got him re-dressed with the diaper and upstairs to his class, all the while hearing about how he doesn't like to wear clothes and would rather be naked but mom said at vacation bible school we have to wear clothes and so he is. oi.

i return to my classroom and 6 little faces turn to me and squeal, in unision, 'omg! that was sooooooooooooo gross!' clearly, none of my girls have little brothers.

(i was going to write more, but suffice it to say, jamie did return for the remainder of vbs) (really late actually posting this i know, i had written it when exhausted and made mistakes, and then forgotten i'd written it. so here it is, two weeks late... oh well)


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