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i'm at work and my office looks out on our parking lot (exciting i know). and across the parking lot, our property is bordered by a house and it's backyard.

the family who lives there has had a deck in the back forever. but now they've decided to put a roof over it. the deck juts back from the house, but also comes alongside our property line.

i love rick, btw, just want to make that clear.

at the moment there is one very hot carpenter putting the roof on over the part that is along the prop. line.

it's a nice view out my normally very dull window.

also, i keep watching because i am facinated by his climbing ability and total lack of fear as part of it is rather steep. i would be shaking like a leaf were up there.

really, it's amazing.

ok, he's just hot.


authors comment....
ok, he's really not hot. but he has a nice body with tatoos. so it's fun to watch.

9:35 PM  

You crack me up

12:51 PM  

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