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so a while ago i posted a thing (that i stole from susie b. Hi aunty susie!!!) where you go to google images and type in things and then post the answers google images finds. and it didn't find me when i typed in my name. so i thought i'd try again... and lo and behold...

how fun that i'm there now. :) just thought i'd post that.

moving on, both my mother and rick's have injured their knees within a week of each other. i told rick's mom they should get together and knit. since they can't do much else at this time. unfortunately for my mom's students, it's review week, they have regents next week, and so need her now to prepare for the tests. really, i should tell my mom's story, because it's actually kind of funny. rick's mom just turned wrong.

my mom called and left me a message this morning saying she was home and i needed to call her. all i could think was something happened to my step-grandmother. so i called and she says she (mom) was in an accident last night. but she's ok. obviously, i begin to worry. but apparently while golfing, she was driving the cart on the path, but had veered a bit to the left down this very steep hill (which i've seen and you shouldn't veer EVER) to look for her golf partner's ball. finding it, she pointed it out and then got back on the path. well, she went over the path to the right. so now we've veered in both directions when you shouldn't veer, EVER. the front right tire must have caught something because the next thing she knew the cart and thrown her a bit and then dragged her. she got herself loose from the cart and it drove off into the woods. (think harry potter and ron weasley and the car in the second movie). regardless she twisted her knee something fierce, went to the emergency room last night and is home today because she has an appointment with the docs today. sheesh.

ok, back to work.


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