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i have road rage.

i think maybe admitting it out loud (?) will maybe help me. the only person i tell this to is rick. and that's because he is in a vehicle with me enough to know it is true. however, he hasn't seen me yell at people the way i do from my car. not that it helps, but i tend to feel a bit better.

i never used to have this rage while driving. but people have gotten dumber, or else just more careless. they follow too close, they turn in front of my on a road where the legal limit is 45 thereby i am going at least 50 and thereby nearly hit them. they talk on their phones, which in most states isn't an issue, but in NY it's ILLEGAL. get off your damn phone and pay attention to where you're going. they turn around and look for things or talk to their kids. they don't move when the light turns green, because THEY'RE TURNING LEFT BUT DON'T HAVE THEIR TURN SIGNAL ON AND THEREBY WE BEHIND THEM DON'T KNOW THIS. and it drives me crazy. they leave their turn signal on for miles. they can't figure out what lane to be in at the harry l. drive/201 n. intersection. if you are in the far left lane, you're on harry l., and can then turn into wegs or continue down harry l. if you're in the right of the left lanes you are going into the mall. don't flip out at me and almost crash into my little car when you decide to not turn into the mall and yell at me. YOU'RE THE ONE IN WRONG.

anyway. now that i have vented, maybe i'll feel better and not be so irritated with the moronic people who live in this area.


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