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it's been a week.
there was the mom golf cart accident. there is big news from steven on the upcoming possible tour front. (but as i said, i don't want to jinx him and i am a worrier and will believe that i did jinx him if he doesn't get it. so you'll all have to wait). rick and i went to the eye doc on friday. he's a good guy and we like him as a doctor. (diloretto for those in the strong know, if you ever need an eye man in rochester, he's the guy). (there i am sending business to people again... where are all these checks?)
anyway, rick's eye issues are worse than before. the cateracts in the left is bad, really bad, and in fact his vision there is actually better than the right eye. which says something to how REALLY bad it is in his right eye. so we're pushing surgery for the cateract NOW. so tomorrow we'll be calling around and asking various cateract docs about how soon they can get him in. next week is probably the earliest. but with the new job he's got, how can we reassure them (or rather how can he) that he isn't bailing on it and he really is a hard worker and please don't fire him?? (i realize i can't spell cateracts... or whatever it is... its all the scar tissue from his retinal reattachment and the mess from removing the vitrious layer in his left eye). (i'm learning a lot, but my spelling on the med terms is bad.)

stupid diabetes.

i did get a text msg. from pippins on friday, while in rochester oddly, saying he was in town from tay-has for the wknd. and was i going to be around. i didn't get to see him (we weren't staying up there) but it was a funny thing and nice to talk to him. even for only a few minutes. pip's a good man, i hope he knows that he is, and that he is wonderful and loved, no matter where he goes.

i've also thought of a few more things about me...
1. the book 'joshua' is one of the most poigniant books i've ever read.
2. moulin rouge is fascinating. the actual story of it all, the movie, and the fact that nicole kidman and ewan mcgregor (sigh) do their own singing in it. incredible. and i love the movie. even though i cry.
3. sermons, blogs, pictures also make me cry.
4. i'm still mad at my bishop for getting rid of thornfield.
5. i am deathly afraid of mice. and rats. terrified. (which my grandmother, mom's mom who i adored, did nothing to assuage. she added to it in fact. thanks grandma).
6. i think natalie maines of dixie chicks phenom is hot, i wish i looked like her.
7. my other favorite boys name is henry. rick won't let me name one of our children, or any of our future children, henry. he's mean.
8. i haven't been sleeping at night for the last 2 weeks, if not longer. it's insanely hot and humid around here, and i can't take it. so i stay up and then am tired. it's a vicious cycle, with no logic mind you, and yet here i am at 11:40 at night. blogging.
9. i have grey hair. not lots of them, but enough that i am feeling old because of them.
10. i already own a wedding gown.
11. it's a long story, it's in VA, and i'm not explaining the whole story. it's one of those things i do.

and i think that's enough for now. it becomes overshare when i tell all my secrets.


yes her name really was Shasta...wouldn't you have endless amounts of fun with that?

I miss you! Tell Rick to bring you up here and the three of us will go out for something cool and refreshing... and in response to your comment on my blog... I think we all would like to be running around naked this heat is silly

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