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this past week, a recap

let's see, where do i begin... i suppose, as the march hare said, at the beginning and when i get to the end, i stop.

this past week went by so quickly. in part due to the fact that i spent half of it in rochester with rick while his doctor, a very nice man, poked around his eyes and drained fluid out of the left one while putting an air bubble in there that now bobbles around in rick's line of sight. i think i would be so nauseous from it by this time that i wouldn't even bother getting out of bed. but rick is a far better person than i and so is up and about and doing things all normal folk do.

wednesday was the green day concert. and i have to say that in my long life of almost 30 years, i've never seen a better concert. they are a riot! and billie, handsome as ever, had the crowd in the palm of his little hand. i strongly urge everyone to see their show. and, happy girl that i was already, was most happy when billie ended the night by playing 'time of your life' (i even took out the ear plugs i was wearing to hear the whole thing perfectly. ...yay!!)

got home to discover that constantine was booted out of idol... HURRAH!! goodbye smarmy boy.

and friday went to wildcat idol at my mom's high school, very fun. rick and i got ice cream on the way home, yumms! and then last night i hosted a party lite candle party. which i have to say, i'm not the biggest fan of these home shows, but i may be convinced to start another career doing this. we'll see.

it's been a good week, but i'm happy to be done too, rick doesn't need any more poking around his eyes going on... so it'll be good for him to have a break from it. this friday, bishop's ball in 'cuse, sat. wings, and then my little girl (daughter of the danas) taylor has a dance competition. whoo!

(go see green day!!)


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