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american idol

ok, did you watch it last night? what is with constantine's eyeing the camera generally saying 'i want to do you' into it with his looks, shy boy glances, and ...oh, he just irritates me.

beyond that, i know sareet's friend thode says that most of them have no personality and that scott is an ass, but he did great last night and he sang 'everlasting love', which i LOVE! so i loved him last night. and anwar sang 'september' mmm love him too. and carrie, who is my favorite, didn't make me happy last night. what was that? i couldn't even hear her. i was hoping to hear dancing queen, but alas, no one made me that happy last night.

and now, i really need to get some work done, because as you can see from yesterdays postings, i got no work done. obviously.


I'm really glad Simon & Randy picked up on the fact that Constantine is totally gross and smarmy, like a Vegas act, rather than tell him that's "showmanship."

Have you checked out this site:

I think you would like it.

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