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so i sometimes steal from others' websites, ideas about blogging. i think i'm playing catch-up today as i haven't posted in forever...

anyway, going to google images, you type in your answer to each of the following, and bring the picture to your site to show your answers.

1. my first car

this isn't totally true, as my first was an '89 wagon, but i guess it's the best we're going to get. it's a lot prettier than the one i had.

2. the place i grew up

this is the picture listed first, however, this one...

shows the actual area from an arial view. this is the one that i would recognize. i don't know anything about the first one.

3. the place i live now

again, no clue what this is, much less how it comes up first when i type in my town, but whatever. maybe it's cheating, but here's where i live...

4. what shows up when i type my name

so i went to the link to this, and found an artist who drew a large quantity of pictures similar to this. this one happens to be named kate... however, nowhere on the first page is me, so we try again... and i apparently have no images, despite the fact that if you go to my church website, i'm there. oh well, it's not like you can't see me on this page.

5. what shows up when i type my grandmothers' names

my mom's mom doesn't show up under her married name, and when i tried her maiden name, it came up with someone named frank who married a dorothy, i believe he may be some distant cousin. not my grandma.

so when i try my dad's mom, i get nowhere close. trying her maiden name however, brings us mrs. clinton. no no. hillary is the LAST NAME... as in sir edmund. oi.

6. favorite food

i don't like to think of it as alive, but salmon is the favorite lately.

7. favorite drink

i did say juice, but the first image was this... so be it.

8. favorite song

i disagree with this image. i said 'if i had a million dollars' and barenaked ladies. this was the image.

9. favorite smell

the scent of autumn. mmm

10. favorite shoes

this is what it came up with when i typed 'jerry garcia birkenstocks' not so much looking like my shoes, but it's ok. it's jerry.

11. favorite color

12. favorite place
arnold lake...
...this was first image, incorrect. so we keep looking for arnold lake, NY and find...nada.

so we'll try for favorite place #2 camp wright, MD

at least that one came through... is it any wonder i love it?

13. person i hate the most

i put in stupid drivers... this is what i got

14. my first love
as i'm unsure if they mean a person or thing or animal, i have chosen to answer this as i see fit, and say God. via happening weekend.

i'm not sure i did this right, but it's what i came up with... hopefully it answers them anyway...


That's pretty funny! Maybe I'll try that on my blog. Do you use picasa? Is that how you do it?

9:11 PM  

well i just went to google images, and typed in my answers to the list, my first car, my name, etc. and then posted those pictures over here. (copying properties and pasting them in as images using the picture posting dealy)some of my text got lost though, so i need to fix that.
i was amused by some, i like the favorite color answer.

12:06 PM  

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