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so we're still in rochester. semi-snowed in & semi-rick-doesn't-feel-like-travelling-for-3-hours-to-get-home-still here.

it's ok. i have ended up taking off work for the week, and been completely unproductive. i've thought about Wings stuff, which is dioc. related. i've read up on everyone's websites. i've done a lot of dishes and done a little cleaning. not that the apt. isn't clean, but just little bits here and there. (it's also what i think i can do without rick noticing that i'm cleaning his place. which, when he gets his sight back enough to read my website, will know, but then it'll be too late... sorry honey. just needed something to do.) bought a puzzle yesterday to keep myself busy with, and have one of those logic puzzle books to keep me thinking too. but honestly, i've had the tv on too much and played online too much.

and i kind of miss working. i think i've discovered i couldn't work from home. the tv would be on and i'd play too much.

...on another note, being married will be nice. i realize it won't be like this, me waking him up every two hours to stick drops or ointment in his eye, cleaning up tissues from everywhere because his eye leaks a bit, him sleeping all day long. but having him nearby and being close to him all the time and not living 3 hours apart and only getting to see each other once a month, it'll be nice. it'll be exactly what i want and need with him. and i think (me being presumptious right now) what he wants and needs too.

btw, clean sweep is my new favorite show. i need to go home and do this to my house. (although having moved 6-8 times in the last 4 years (i say that because i did a purging when i lived with the nannying family and have done three since i moved into my place, so it almost counts as 2 more) i have gotten rid of a lot of stuff i didn't need, use, or want. but still, i am a pack rat and have a lot of clothes, papers, and kiddie stuff at my house that needs to go).


hey darlin.
just letting you know that the link you have to my blurty is spelled wrong. it's bollucks not bollOcks ;-)

oh, and im in town, so we should connect if you make it back to the you think youll be in church this Sun?


11:59 PM  

I like Clean Sweep too, but I prefer the one on Lifetime with the two British ladies. They crack me up and are always thoroughly horrified by the filth. I think it's called "How Clean is Your House." You should check it out. Bad thing is I think it's on at night. I always end up watching only the first half cuz I fall asleep half way through.

7:08 PM  

hey. Its a long lost teen girl from your past. Can't wait till you move up to Rochester again. I started my own blog since you've been so inspiring :)

10:38 PM  

val~ welcome home... oh wait, you're here in my office...

sareet~ i've seen that show. the ladies are wicked funny. but the houses gross me out.

AMY?!?!?!?!?!??!!??! yay!

so excited, will read up!
love you!

1:03 PM  

It sure is Amy. I miss you. We've been terrible at keeping in contact. But if you're moving up here you better get a hold of me.

11:10 PM  

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