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back at work this week. both works actually.

glad to be back. was definitely needing human contact beyond the waking rick every two hours for drops. i mean i love the man, but he slept almost nonstop for the entire week. and although i have a couple of friends up there, i know they were working and all too, plus i just didn't want to be too far from him if he needed me....

did find most delicious yarn/knit shop ever. spiritworks is heaven for knitters and even for wannabes, like me. can't wait to go back and am thinking of rick's mom's b-day present... yarns galore and lots of fun ideas for her. :) yay! their website, btw, is as welcoming and cosy wonderful as the store itself. i know there are knitting shops down here, but i can bet nothing like what i've now experienced. and once you've had the best, ....well you know what they say.

also, saw val today :) glad to see her and shannon, who both look great and happy and healthy and enjoying life. :) good to see them and i think shannon needs to get back into diocesan stuff. i know it isn't always fun, but she's on top of things and has great ideas. plus she's really fun and funny. (push push push why don't i?)

and sareet (my online friend) seems to have taken my advice to maria (which was that jax needed his own page), and her (sareet's) dog, pig now has her own website. i have to say, it's about time we got a look into the canine mind. pig is highly entertaining and honest. much like her owner. i suppose i wouldn't expect any less from a sweet pup.

random aside, although i am keeping up with my veggies and fruit consumption for 'eat well, live well' for the last two weeks. i didn't have my pedometer all last week, and forgot it today too. honestly, it is hard to remember to hook that thing on my jeans every day. stupid pedometer.

(i've also got way to many links in this post, c'est la vie).


Hey! Pig & I thank you for the shout-out!!

You knit? That's cool. I want to learn how. I crochet. Well, I'm a crochet wannabe. I tried to crochet a sweater for Pig, but I could only do straight pieces (imagine scarves) so I tried to turn it into a cape by "stitching" the pieces together but it all turned out rather disastrously.

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