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so i was on my way to a vestry retreat when i got a message from my sweetie.

it turns out he gets to have surgery tomorrow. again. on the same eye, yes, again.

my poor man. i love him so much, and i wish more than anything things would get better for his sweet eyes. ... and i know he felt bad about pulling me away from the retreat but honestly i have no where i would rather be than with rick. that isn't just when (or indeed if) he needs me, i'd rather be with him than anywhere else, anytime else....

i will be the answer
at the end of the line
i will be there for you
while you take the time
in the burning of uncertainty
i will be your solid ground
i will hold the balance
if you can't look down

if it takes my whole life
i won't break i won't bend
it will all be worth it
worth it in the end
'cause i can only tell you what i know
that i need you in my life
when the stars have all gone out
you'll still be burning bright
~sarah mc.

you are more worth it than anything else in my life. i love you rick.


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