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i had a long post written yesterday. and i tried to post it. it's not on there anywhere... which means it's having issues. my coomputer, not blogger... grr.

i had a dream last night about one of my friends. well, we were friends. i honestly don't know where he is now. last i knew he was joining the army and would be in boot camp, that was about a year ago. we kind of dropped out of contact... but that's not the story. in this dream, he was in a house, which i could see from the house i lived in. and i had been waiting for him to get home to his house so i could talk to him... about what i don't know. but it ended up that i must have fallen asleep (in my dream which is funny), and the next morning it turned out that he had gotten home and gotten attacked. as in he was bloody and beaten and had to be taken to a hospital and the whole thing. i went to his house as i was finding this out, and the house was clean, really clean. no furniture, no messes on the carpet, which having been beaten bloody, there should have been. and it was cold. but bright.

this can be interpreted a few ways i am sure. one of these is that i watch too much CSI on tv, and i remember thinking it was weird how clean the place was and that someone was hiding something. (CSI has me hooked bigtime). another thought is that i miss this friendship (which is true) and am trying to reconcile (which isn't currently true). another thought i've had, is that something has happened to him. i am trying to not worry, but with the mess our country is in, where most of our military is... it's kind of scary and i'm hoping that isn't the case. my dreams aren't often 'future telling' dreams. my gut will tell me things, but my dreams are just that, weird things my mind does at night when i sleep.

so now what? i don't know that it's anymore my place to do anything, including to try contacting him. but things got weird and i feel bad about it and wonder if he's ok. i hadn't been thinking about him, nor talking about him anytime recently. so it's more weird that i had this dream.

anyway, that's the latest news. will post more later. hopefully, will have something more interesting to tell my readers than strange dreams.


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