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rick loves me.

i know that we've been together for a long time and he says he loves me and all... but today, and last night, i was thinking about it. he is the best friend, love, man, everything i've ever had in my life.

before winter kicked in, he was down visiting and took it upon himself to go and buy the window sealers and seal up several windows in my home. i realize we had a somewhat milder winter, but my nyseg bill has been tremendously less this year than last.

he comes to visit me and does the dishes. a chore i hate, he does. or if the dishes are in the drying rack and are dry, he puts them away. he also does the laundry when he notices it piling up and folds everything so nice.

he put new windshield wiper blades on my car when one of them went flying off. (ok, it didn't actually fly, but close enough). he lets me drive his car in bad weather when he's here. he wants to buy a puppy together. and live with me. and marry me.

the sweetest thing happened last night though, and i've gotten weepy thinking about it. we didn't get to do anything for v-day, as he had to leave on v-day to return to roch-cha-cha (he's working a 11+ hour day today). but last night on the phone, we were talking and he said he'd like to help me get my cavities taken care of...

for me, that is incredible. my refund for my taxes will probably cover most of it. (which he also offered to help me do those so i don't have to pay anyone to do it). but the fact that this is what he was thinking of giving me for v-day. i didn't ask for help. i hadn't even said anything about my tooth pain in days. (partially because it comes and goes and happened to be gone at that moment. plus, who wants to hear me whine about my teeth?) i realize helping me pay for my cavities to be fixed doesn't sound valentine-y or roses and chocolate. but for me, he is the best. he does things for me without my asking or saying anything or suggesting. he really loves me. and i am still, as i've been, the luckiest girl i know.

i love you so much my sweet man.

i don't get many things right the first time
in fact, i am told that a lot
now i know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls
brought me here
and where was i before the day
that i first saw your lovely face?
now i see it everyday
and i know
that i am
i am
i am
the luckiest


i should add that rick has also fixed my bathtub, my medicine cabinet, made me dinner more times than i can count- and they are delicious. he also bought me incredibly thoughtful gifts for my birthday and christmas. yummy smelly bath things and feety massage creams because i love the bath and love having my feet rubbed. and a cherry pit pillow to warm up at night and get my bed warm.
he is the bestest part of my life. and i'm really the luckiest.

10:53 AM  

She loves my too, very much. If only I could count the ways she has changed my life, and wants to change my life, and wants to be part of my life. The things she has done for me, the things she does every day, the things she will do. I only hope that I can be to her what I know she will be for me.

11:49 PM  

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