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had to make a staples run to get some purple paper today. (being that lent kicks in in a few days, we thought it would be prettier...) anyway, i get easily distracted in there thinking of the ways i could be better orgranized if i only had.... ___________ (fill in the blank). at the same time i think of the things i want to buy the wings people so we can all be better organized... we don't really have the money for it all, but how great would it be if we all had palm pilots? or better, because i am still a paper kind of girl, if we all had day runners that held special pages for all the youth activities we were all involved in and so on and so forth. if we all had pictures of youth events and also had business cards with our contact info on it as well as some way of having a list of our mtg. days and times and places on the back... and how great would it be to have a NB committee and get them up and running completely so i am not trying to lead two groups at once. (although andrea is basically the be all and end all of NB). i also would love to have a way for each of us, (perhaps through our palms) the BCP and hymnal and every parish, rector, and youth group leaders information via a database that automatically updates when info changes.

i am a bit carried away by the possibilities.

i am a dreamer. while i'm dreaming, i'd like those lotto winnings now and rick to be here... or me to be there. either way. i'd like to be with him. ooh, and sage. i'll take her too.

on a side note, i've only taken 3600 steps thus far in my day and obviously am at the church again. no way would i have this few steps at 5:45 pm if i were at wegs.

i think i've also been here too long. a few copies to take care of and i'm out of here for the week. i think i've done more than my 19 1/2 hours this week... in fact, i know i do more than that every week. ....before a rant kicks in and i end up dooced (see side for link to heather's page, dooce) i'm heading out.


DUDE! I hope you're not planning on taking a vacation any time soon...not that you don't deserve one, b/c of all people, you deserve it the most...but if you have to, do it now and quick, like within a week or 2. wink wink
.....yeah, not gonna put my name here, I choose to be Annoymous! bwa-ha-ha-ha :-)

6:57 AM's Val my blurty is working for it your computer maybe? Anyhoo...I'll just copy/paste the last one right here......

one of your posts inspired me...

At least 50 things that you probably didn't know about me.....

1.) I like the white bit on oranges
2.) I will only eat brussel sprouts with ketchup on them
3.) I've said the same prayer Every nite, since I was wee
4.)I love the colour pink
5.) I ALWAYS put my socks and shoes on Left then Right
6.) I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue
7.) I love the sound of snow crunching under your feet
8.) I used to practice my Care Bear Stare in the mirror
9.) my mom really is my hero
10.) I am currently head over heels in like
11.) I want 4 kids, but NOT any time soon
12.) I suck at knitting, but I love to do it
13.) I actually like alphabatizing and typing and filing in our office
14.) I own 28 pairs of flip-flops, but only have 4 with me
15.) I miss high school, but love where I am in life
16.) I have a pet goldfish called Jaws
17.) The movie Jaws made me scared of the bathtub
18.) I love my friends with all of my heart
19.) Sometime, I just want/need to cry
20.) Sometimes I cry when I pray, and I don't know why
21.) I'm a lot more intellectual that I let on
22.) My first concert was the Monkees
23.) My favourite number is 23
24.) At my 1st concert, Peter Tork yelled at me
25.) I've started to write my autobiography
26.) My mom's going out with a professional writer
27.) I think he might be ok in my books
28.) I'm a crazy driver, but I miss it SO much
29.) I want to stay in Northern Ireland forever and ever
30.) That's why I'm applying to schools here
31.) I'd rather have a degree in Youth MINISTRY than youth WORK
32.) I'm a born and raised Episcopalian
33.) But I got to a non-denominational church this year
34.) I've never officially broken any bones
35.) I used to want to be Punky Brewster
36.) Or a Ninja Turtle
37.) I used to dream of seeing the ocean one day, and now I live on an island! lol
38.) I've lived in NY for 19 years and never seen the Statue of Liberty
39.) I cried on 9/11
40.) I cried at every Happening retreat
41.) I miss doing Happening and New Beginnings
42.) I don't REALLY like Elvis, but it's fun(ny) to pretend
43.) I miss Thornfield
44.) I first met Jesus at Thornfield
45.) I cried then too
46.) I've known my older sister for about 3-4 years
47.) But it feels like a lifetime
48.) Growing up is a scary thought
49.) I still bite my nails
50.) I couldn't sleep, so I wrote this stupid list

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