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so i just went to and i haven't laughed so hard in i don't know when. i was crying i was laughing so hard. this woman, heather, is a riot. and unfortunately for her, was fired from her job for her blogging habit. far i haven't been fired for blogging.... but i have been fired. it sucks. i don't recommend it. i suppose we all have it happen to us eventually, but it sucks. bad.

anyway, just a suggestion on the funny side of things, go read her site. she is hysterical. as well, she was featured in the NY times this past sunday for her blogging as a mom. nanny-ing was similar, but as the girls weren't mine, it wasn't the same deal when all is said and done. ...but it resonated with me.

CE mtg. tonight, a bit irritated by it as american idol is on this evening at the same time... planning to rush through our meeting so i can get home and watch more of the crazy we think we can sing people. (was reminded of this as the 80's online station i listen to (ultimate 80's on club fm) started playing america by neil diamond. wow... that guy... couldn't sing.

not neil. the american idol auditioner.

must attempt some work now. seriously. must get CE stuff done.


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