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NB rocks!
i so love new beginnings and was so happy to be a part of its come-back this weekend. the kids had fun, the team had fun, the weekend went well and changes were seen in the lives of the kids... the way they opened up and shared. and one of my girls went with me as part of team and had a great time, she was excited about the weekend and excited to talk it up :) yay!!!

here's a list of reasons why NB #20 was wonderful
~ andrea knows her stuff. she knew what needed to be done and it got done. and she led the weekend with authority and love. and mixed the two with grace and care and made sure she was the approachable, lovable, kind, but firm leader she needed to be.
~ susie's candor and wit and honesty. she is so fun and funny.
~ fr. david's creativity and use of music in his sessions.
~ justine and the boys
~ rickie skits
~ my talk :) (i'm not gloating or anything, but it went well. and the mom and dad one is hard to do)
~ dana marz. she is awesome.
~ erin was there.
~ erin is erin. perfectly calm and relaxed all the time, even when she might not be. (i think she actually was calm and relaxed) but always has that air about her.
~ hot chocolate.
~ being fuzz with chrix, renee, and papa g.
~ talking with renee.
~ talking with renee and andrea. hopefully giving them hope.
~ mr. game. he's a good guy.
~ being the un-nurse. :)
~ tyler's open mic's
~ mary and colleen. they rock.
~ the other mary. she's sweet.
~ nikko. a good kid.
~ clare's footwashing cd
~ jared being on it! yay!
~ jess being excited about the weekend and dio stuff
~ talking with jess in the car
~ amy roller. she is the best.
~ amanda h. aka buddy the angel. 'i looooovveee yoouu!'
~ imitations of buddy all weekend long.
~ papa g is so fun!
~ karen. i know she was stress girl this weekend, but under it, i love her a lot.
~ being away this sunday
~ ha ha ha, shouldn't say that. you never know who reads your website.
~ being able to drive a safe in the snow car. thanks rick!
~ kathy rutz.
~ tom, when tom (jr) got up for open mic and tom (sr.) cried.
~ knowing we got NB back up and running
~ clare's talk
~ the kids, who are very sensitive to their families and neighbors at home, who asked for prayers for so many people, who undoubtedly have prayer many times for these kids and hoped that those prayers would bring the kids to a better understanding of God, the world, and the Family of Him. if only they could have heard the kids this weekend...

i'm really thankful. it is good to be a part of the family of is better to be a part of this family He has given me.

thanks God.



Have fun, and I will catch you up on everything soon, but I can't afford to pay my last phone bill yet, so it might take a while. lol real life can suck sometimes.....but sometimes it can be wonderful! ;-)

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