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i realized today i made no predictions for this past year. what is that about?

looking through past entries i can find where i posted predictions for 2002, and the end result at the end of 2003. i also found the mayfly project 20 words or less of my life that i wrote...

nannying done. overjoyed.
two jobs. both mistakes. horrible summer.


b, mom, brent ~ thanks.
working constantly.
wish for better 2004.

and 2004 was a much better year. i found the love of my life. and it is so much better than i ever dreamed it could be with him. my mom is healthy. my grandparents are still here and kicking (grandpa went hunting, he's 82.) my brother is doing well and although he and i are both working like fiends at our jobs, we're relatively succeeding. we both make enough to live on, which at some moments has been a questionable feat for me. the diocese, though missing thornfield, is continuing its endeavor to help youth ministry. and me ... to do youth ministry i mean. i've listened to some fabulous music this year, including my friends jared and mari. speaking of mari, she and i are speaking again, not often no, but we're friends again after 4 years of not at all. which for me is another thing i'm really thankful for. i tried to heal up some things that went awry. got an email from the cwob in reply to my e-card. he's a doctor now. sheesh. dr cwob sounds funnier than with his real last name... hee hee. but i'm proud of him too. i have friends who care about me, a family that loves me, and a love in my life i never dreamed possible.

rick has given me more than i could have ever hoped for. and i am so thankful. he is my love, yay for me! :)

so i suppose i should make some predicitions for this year.

1) i will find a job and move to rochester by march.
2) i will finally, after making this prediction for years, get my dog. a jack russell. and perhaps, just possibly, she will be as wonderful and fabulous as my beloved sage.
3) rick will have extremely successful eye surgeries this year allowing him to see better than ever before and will be able to golf every week this summer.
4) my mom will have continued healing and health after her victory with cancer. cancer sucks.
5) b. and justin will continue to grow their business and get really successful and have more customers than they know what to do with and will make lots of money.
6) zackie will take a pottery class and not be the jerk he thinks himself to be.
7) i will learn to play the guitar.
8) i will be able to play the guitar at the fall new beginnings.
9) new beginnings, both this months and the one in the fall will be enormous successes and will draw lots of kids to Jesus.
10) i will find katherine m. ...and karrie b. have been looking for both for a while. can't seem to get a hold of either of them.
11) rick and i will continue to be completely happy together and will emminant said love to the world in such a way that dr. phil will ask us to be on his show and share with others our secret to happiness in a relationship.
12) sydney and i will get back in touch.
13) wegs will enjoy continued success in the top 100 companies to work for... reaching number 8 this year. go danny.
14) pippins will have a great year. he will find members of his tribe and be able to feel as though he does have a place. he will belong and will be comfortable where he is. and he will know, beyond all else, that he has made a difference in the lives of others and given people a light and a truth in the honesty he shows.
15) maria will continue travelling the US visiting people everywhere and make a stop in NY at some point. jax will have his picture taken with someone famous and will write his memoirs of a dog on the road.
16) timmy will be safe wherever he is... and know he's missed. (i won't predict he will have a good time, because he always does.)
17) CW will celebrate 75 years of ministry this summer and i will be able to be there for it. CW 4 life!!!!
18) mari and jared will have continued success in their musical endeavors.
19) rick and i will find a wonderful place to live with a yard for the dog :)

and perhaps a little mayfly for 2004.... (as in 2004 in 20 words or less)

blind date... fell in love. hopelessly.
happier than dreams.

mom healed. family's the best. i am so lucky.

i really am lucky....

i love rick.


kate g-

You have such a good attitude about life! I love your 2004 description in 20 words or less. Thanks again for putting my blog on your page - you totally made my day!

7:20 PM  

Planning on the NY visit around April, so that seems like a good prediction. Jax hasn't mentioned any memoirs, but I look forward to reading them if they are written. :)

4:59 PM  

That anonymous was Maria, of course. Forgot to add my name...

5:00 PM  

i love maria!!
i think that perhaps jax needs his own website... i think an LJ from jax's perspective is an idea worth looking into. while i'm saying that, go see sareet's page, she has comments written from her dog, pig. :)

1:01 PM  

once in a while people remember to look at this blog, and remember how much they miss certain people...especially certain kate g. people....then they giggle a little giggle because they know they'll be dropping in for a surprise visit someday soon...real soon.....;-) he he he
until then, have fun!

8:16 AM  

so ok, maybe i should know who this is... but i don't... hints??????

9:40 AM  

well, if I said who I was or gave hints so you guessed, it wouldn't be a suprise would it?? lol

well, it'll be anytime from the end of January to the end of February...but when the dates are exact and confirmed, I'll post it in here for ya!


9:36 AM  

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