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this depresses me.

four more years is not a victory chant. how can it possibly be? a victory indicates a fight has taken place. a victory chant indicates something incredible is on the verge of existence. changes. unity. new directions. strength... hope. four more years is not new, different, change, or hopeful. (no matter who is at the helm of the four more years, it's not a victory chant. it's even less of one with bush leading my country... so much for national pride.)

am ready to move to canada. now.


I've decided to go into denial and pretend it didn't happen.

Let me know if you move to Canada. I'd be happy to come visit you there. I've got other friends seriously considering just that, so I may end up spending more time up north than expected on my trip.


12:04 AM  


Sorry your guy lost.

DJ Sledge

5:26 PM  

yeah well, i appreciate the lack of gloating.

can i be canadian like you now? i love ottawa, eh?

are you married yet? so happy for my big mister. yay forever!! himiny!

5:45 PM  

Forget Canada, move to Europe!!!

Well, that's what I did at least....
ummm, yeah, so that guy is not MY President, I didn't vote for him, I'm staying true to President Kerry...

Lots of Yove,


9:22 AM  

Sorry to butt in, but if you are seriously considering moving to Canada, then by all means, please do. I heard a lot of incensed Kerry supporters saying "how dare you question our patriotism!" before the election, but if you're all so patriotic, then why would you skip town just because your guy didn't win? Get some perspective. Seriously.

Yours Truly,
-an evil republican, Skor

6:24 PM  


i love when people who don't know me AT ALL post on my site and think they know me.

skor, i'm not actually leaving for Canada. if i did move to Canada it is because I adore the country, the people, and the places in Canada. it is not that i am an angry, bitter, loser in the political battle who simply wants to skip town. i simply don't want my future husband, brother, children, and kids i work with now to be drafted into a war that is a revenge war, not one that is actually fighting the terrorists who attacked my beloved NYC on september 11 2001.

please don't lecture me when you have nothing to base said lecture on. if you actually knew me, i'd be far more willing to listen. but as you haven't taken the time to get to know me beyond a 'ready to move to canada' comment, i really don't think i'd now want to take the time to get to know you...

2:36 PM  

The internet is a crazy place. One second I'm on my own blog, then I click "Next Blog>>" and I'm wisked away to a new blog, written by someone I've never met, nor even known that they existed the moment before. Such is how I came upon your site.

Firstly, I didn't "lecture" you. I posted my quick thoughts in reply to your thoughts. I didn't assume to know you or your motives, I simply responded to what was written before me. You said you were depressed, I said that you should get some perspective.

Second, you'll be relieved to find out that there will be no draft. I repeat, no draft. Don't believe me? Fine. Maybe you'll believe the independent site, Go ahead, read it.

Third, you're obviously free to believe what you want about the Iraq war, but I really think you should get some perspective on that one, too. How about reading the perspective of someone who actually lives over there? Or perhaps learn more about the destruction that Saddam brought on his own people? The terrorists who attacked us on September 11th, 2001 are dead. The problem is a lot bigger than just a handful of Saudis. Did you have this kind of reaction to the wars that President Clinton brought the US into in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Kosovo?

As I said, you're free to believe what you want, but your draft comment makes one think that you have been misinformed. Nobody's asking anyone to get to know each other. It's the Internet, and it's a place where we can make comments as we wish.

Just keep on thinking that I'm a total jerk. It will make things easier.

7:03 PM  

P.S. (If you want to, you can call that a lecture.)

7:05 PM  


Sometimes people just make me laugh....
not sure if that's a bad thing or not, but I couldn't help it when I read this guy's


10:49 AM  

i realize it was a quick reply. but the thing is, i'm not actually depressed. i am frustrated with the severe lack of jobs in NYS, with the lack of healthcare for people who are working three jobs just to try and pay for their winter heating bills, with the fact that people continue to defend a war i truly don't believe in.

i won't be convinced otherwise.

bush has said a lot of things and gone back and changed his mind. i do know someone over there now. i have several friends who have been there and are currently, but who knows for how long, home. so please don't talk to me about finding out what our soldiers are thinking/feeling/etc. your link is one person's perspective. as our my friends.

the fact of the matter is this, i disagree with you. you disagree with me. i'm not going to see it your way and get some perspective. you're not going to look at it from a different perspective.

blather on all you want.

this is the last you'll behearing from me on this matter.

11:28 AM  

1 - Val, I don't know what you're laughing at. War is not a laughing matter. It sucks, big time.

2 - k8, thank you for totally ignoring my point-by-point response and confirming that you couldn't care less what people who disagree with you think. So much for the Internet being such a great place to share ideas and learn from one another.

That is all.

1:11 PM  

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