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if you frequent the sites over there like i do, you'll notice some updates. i'm going to comment in the reverse order. is one of those rare musicians that had serious talent at a young age, and i'm one of the lucky ones to say i knew him when. and even luckier that i still know him now. jared is freaking amazing and i love to listen to him. it's like watching savion dance. i could do it forever and never get tired of it.

he is one of the greatest people too. he has the personality that everyone falls in love with and he is, like my sweet brother, charming. but in addition to that, he is so sincere. not that steven isn't... jared clearly just is. he makes an effort all the time and gets to know people and really is fabulous. if you go to his website (listed in my sites you should go to list as jared's the man and a half) you will get to hear a bit of him, singing 'never knew what i had'. he's celebrating the release of his first full out solo album on nov. 27 at the forum with a concert for his fans. rock on!

second, and this is funnier because he (jared) and this next person actually did a concert together at my church in conklin. marisol. she was one of my best friends in college and i let my own pigheadedness get in the way. i was stupid and haven't talked to her in ages (4 years), but i got over myself. finally. and now we've sent a few emails back and forth and are working on re-connecting. she can be seen and heard at (also can be found over there ->) she's singing with this funky hip hop, r&b, jazzy kind of style and i love it.

she has an incredible voice and i love to listen to her also. although i could listen for ages it is far more fun to listen to her speak. so although i enjoy the singing, i also like to listen to the brooklynese with a puerto rican spin. she is a wonderful girl too who everyone just adores. and has stories to tell about everything. she's also an excellent story teller.

both have cd's out and both cd's would make excellent christmas presents. i myself am planning on supporting these fine artists in their work.

also, if you have a chance, go to jared's concert, in fact, go see him whenever you can. he's awesome. and for me, local :) mari's a little far for me right now, but someday....


Checked out both those sites, and they are good. Especially enjoyed Jared's music.

BTW, the link off the right that goes to is broken. Looks like you forgot to put an http:// in front of it. (I seem to do that lots too.)

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Big Yay for Jared....




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