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hey cny, and beyond....
love God?
love kids?

you'll LOVE new beginnings...

find the team app here.
fill it out.
mail it in to andrea.
and be on team.

you'll never regret it.

Jesus loves you the most!


REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I could...this is the 1st NB team I've missed since 10th grade, and the 2nd NB whatsoever I've missed since 7th grade. But I know it'll be amazing..

And if anyone reads this...I've been to NB over 10 it must be DO IT!


9:00 AM  

yeah, had a dream last night that team was picked and i wasn't on it... made me soooo sad.
:) thankfully, it was a dream!

miss you val!

9:36 AM  

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