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happy belated birthdays to
~ katherine (where are you???) and why can't we stay in better touch??? seriously.
~ jon-e (havin' a baby soon, soooo excited for you guys!!)
~ duston (i miss you!!!!!)

my apologies to those i usually contact on sept. 11 as well, i've missed b-days and my annual calling day. i was in a meeting all day and had so much going on....

which i suppose was the point in me making that a tradition... making the effort to call people and tell them that they are loved. that was my point, that we don't do that enough and what do i do? not call. get caught up in diocesan stuff.

i am sorry.

it's been a hectic couple of weeks. i have a lot going on at the church, in the diocese, in general. at least i'm fairly healthy... although typing it has probably doomed me to a week of the flu... oi.

i have been calling churches this afternoon, asking to host meetings, asking to move meetings, asking to leave things the way they were. with all the different people in the diocese all doing 10 things at once, it's hard to make anything work out right. but i've found one parish to sponsor an event (whoo-hoo NB!) and am moving meetings around, and so far things are ok. it's just a lot for one person to do.

regardless, i turn 28 on friday, the same day big mister turns 3...1????!?!??!!??! whoo! and really, all that matters is that rick's coming home that day.

i love him.


3-0! Not 3-1!

S'ok, I love you anyway!

Big Mister.

9:56 AM  

DOH! sorry dj, couldn't think straight and got years all mixed up, :(
glad i'm loved anyway! :)

10:47 AM  

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