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apparently i'm your run of the mill kind of person.
the thing is, lately, i've been thinking about it and it seems to me that the people i'm actually closest to, are rick and our families. the people i spend the most time with are those i work with. and beyond that, ... well, there's people i'm friends with, but i don't see them, and am not the best at staying in touch (hence the previous post of katherine, where are you?) and i'm feeling ... well lonely. as though i'm missing out. the reality is that i'm comfortable with my life and happy being kind of solitary. but i see others, surrounded by friends they've had forever. everyone has their 'girls' that they have done evrything with, been through all of the ups and downs of life with... and i just don't. it's my family who has been through everything with me.

i just don't have that with friends. it used to be that my friends were my life. and i'm not suggesting they aren't important to me. or that i'm not loyal to friends or don't love them, nothing like that. i am just saying that i don't have what so many seem to ... those sisterly friendships. and i realize i've lost friendships because of my hardheadedness... or just because over time things fade out. but ... i don't know. i just want something that in reality, i'm not sure i do want. i've always had more guy friends, i've always had my family. i think i'm missing out, but the thing is, i'm probably not missing a thing.

i don't know.

my head still hurts.




not much time right now....but heres my address:

Val Guiles
25 Campsie Crescent
Co. Tyrone
Northern Ireland
BT79 0AD

SEND ME MAIL!!! or email me :-)


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hmm DNA thinks alike? I love you too nannyk8! Email me, I'll give you new addy info if you don't have it. We need to connect, maybe dinner? I'll cook, you eat. What else can I do to help?
-Vals mom Jan

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