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fast ferry fails....

for the few months that it was open, rick seemed to delight in it's failures. not because it was failing per say, but because it was so obviously NOT well planned. the city of rochester spent millions on it. toronto at one point, completely stopped working on the docking port. they stopped caring. no marble entrances, not a gold leafed wall to be seen up there. so last night when he said there'd been surprising news and proceeded to tell me that the fast ferry was shutting down, the actual shock was beyond minimal.

it was non-existant.

he told me the ceo had said it never made money. was never going to make money. and so i question the city's as well as county of monroe politicians abilities to not see that... did they really believe it would? seriously?

it was slow. it was clostly. it was quite often more costly and slower than a trip driving from rochester to toronto would take. seriously, they thought this was a good idea?

read more here.

what's more sad, is this news report just 3 days ago.

i'm sorry it didn't make it. i'm sure it doesn't sound it, but i have trouble believing that it ever was going to....


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