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for some reason i have this ability to get swamped by things. as in, today i checked my email and here's a short list of what i had...

an email from the rector of the church i have a meeting at this sat. telling me he thought it was a tentative and he's booked a funeral and another meeting at the same time.

an email from a man who isn't going to teach sunday school this year (2 weeks after i sent an email answering 20 questions about sunday school...)

an email from one of my girls saying that the meetings that are all occuring on oct. 2 will not be able to be moved, but can't we alter the times (which we can of course, it's just that it's one more thing for me to do....)

2 from a man in the diocese asking me about (1) my job and the pros and cons of paid ministry and (2) what to do with the youth ministry in the diocese and how much more i need to be doing.

one of my girls from MD who i haven't talked to in ages, but that was all happy. not asking me to do anything. thankfully.

my mom asking me to move the possible garage sale to the date of oct 2, which as you've already read has several simultaneous meetings going on.

our new director of a youth weekend telling me (yay!) we have a married couple and she's working on a priest (yay!)

a woman in the diocese asking me, again, is we could move the dates for a youth weekend, again, because january, again, is not safe for travel and wouldn't it be better in march?

and one of my boys telling me he'll be late to the meeting on sat. that now may not be where we thought and i realize if we move it to this area, he won't make it at all.

now some of those weren't asking a thing of me. some of those were telling me good news, and some were not such good news.

but the thing is, i am only one person. i only get 24 hours in a day like everyone else and the diocesan youth ministry, though my passion, is not my job. i do not get paid for every phone call, email, trip, or weekend i plan, go on, send, or make. i am not paid for any part of it, and although i don't mind it, i can only do so much. and i am tired. and i'm not getting a whole lot of help. and although several people have offered help, there isn't anything that anyone else can really do. it's got to be me, because i accepted this responsibility and ... well it's all in my hands now. for me to not do anything would just be stupid. and to hand it off to someone else... well we saw what happened with the youth weekend we did hand off to someone else. ......

so my 'to do' list.
~ get rick's resume to someone from the church so he can possibly land a co-op near here (which would rock!!)
~ move the meeting sat. ~ maybe
~ go to see friends perform on sat. at conklin town fair
~ work, all five weekdays at wegs
~ work at the church 2 days, and somehow be ready for sunday school to start on sunday and the kickoff sunday to be prepared with sign ups, info, and so on... oi
~ make sure the people who said they were teaching (cameron) still are...
~ find out what churches who sponsor diocesan events have to do, how much work is involved, what the pitfalls are, etc. and write up an info sheet for those who are thinking about it
~ find a parish to sponsor the weekend in jan.
~ maybe move the weekend in jan to march as per the new directors desires as well as the weekend's staff....
~ get a baby present in the mail to friends in roch. (i've had it for 6 months now...)
~ deal with my bank and a credit card causing financial stress
~ CE meeting tues.
~ district meeting thur.
~ Wings on sat.
~ somewhere find time to talk to my love, my family, and those i adore... to make an effort to remember that life is precious, short, and if people don't know you love them.... they may never know.

every year on sept. 11 i make phone calls to friends and tell them i love them. just so they know it. i realize that many do know, but how often do i really tell people? how often do i stop part of my day & call stacey, tim, z, karrie, kerry, my kids, pete, b., the steves, dana and dana and the kids, the andersons, syd and clark, linda and joe, jeanie, jon-e and kris, lauren, the gentiles, edmonds, kc, rutz's, jacobs, spencers, and so many more that i love them and they are important to me?

sad fact is i don't often. so i make extra effort on sept. 11 to do that. people are far, near, it doesn't matter. we don't tell people enough. (you can read this resolution further in my archives from sept. '02. i get this way every fall.... just btw.).

happy belated birthday to garrett!


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