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it's september!!!!!!!!!

i love september! the crisp air. apples. apple cider. fall. the freshness. the scenery. the way everything feels so... good. i love fall so much. and this season, officially is indian summer, it's the best. i never liked going back to school, but fall could never come fast enough. i am thrilled that it is september.

i can't say enough good things about how happy i am. all year i plod through torrential rain, deep snow, blazing heat (ok, not this year), and just plain ridiculous weather. all so we can get back to fall. most people can't wait for summer. i get that way when spring has hung on long enough. but nothing compares to these two months. september and october. joy and joy and happiness and woo hoo! they are the best time for me. i feel new and regenerated. i get the best work done, i enjoy life, i get more out of life and put more into it. i love it! :)

*deep breath*

yes. it is good to be alive right now. yay forever!!
i hope rick and i marry in the fall, because i feel like i am truly me in the fall, and what better time could it happen?? the thing about it with me, is that i feel comfortable in my skin in fall. all winter i'm so cold. all summer... well ok, this summer i was cold too. right now, it's perfect weather. if only i could live somewhere that felt like this year round, imagine all i could do!!

but of course there isn't such a place. and then, what would i have to look forward to 10 months of the year? i'll take fall for what it is, the best time i can have. yay!! you know that girl on the old navy comercials who goes all excited when it's time to do history? she is like sooo happy, and shouts out 'let's study!' that's how i feel about fall. 'let's revel in it!!!!!!!!' woot!

yay for september!! and happy birthday clare!! :)



it really does mean something when you talk to me directly or even by way of posting on my much more than stumbling across yours and wondering why you didn't talk to me if you were so worried.

Sorry this can't be more long and heart-felt, but I have to keep packing boxes...moving sucks (even if it's just across town). Love you too.


12:32 PM  

Fall is my favorite too because of how it smells and the colors if you wanted to know:) I'm just posting a comment because I was that excited that you said Happy Birthday to me in your made my day:)
Love, Clare

3:01 PM  

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