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so i'm completely a woman on the verge. for about 3 months now i've been on the verge of tears. the cliff of a breakdown. the edge of reason. between the church and the diocese.... i mean really, what am i trying to do to myself? really?

for the lasst few weeks, (though not including this last one, but the previous 3) i have been verbally blasted in front of parents and children by one of our sunday school teachers that there aren't enough kids in the class and what am i doing about it? at this point, were i a parent, this person wouldn't have any kids in the class because i wouldn't allow my children to be around said individual. what is wrong with this person? everyone else is happy, students and teachers alike. if you don't want to teach, then why did you say yes? and if you don't now, then quit. it isn't as though i will be upset about someone ending their teaching career because it is time. i'd definitely be less upset if this person ended this era because as i said, i wouldn't want my kids around them. sheesh.

and this diocese, i don't know. i was happy to start helping out with things, but i am overburdened now, and frankly, i don't want it at all anymore. this isn't helping. this is them getting someone to do all the work they paid two prior people to do for free, and to basically walk all over me.

where is my backbone? what is wrong with me?

i need out. i need to get away from these maniacal people. i need to be elsewhere. i need a job in rochester. i need to be with rick.


From all the way across an ocean, I still love you and think you are doing a great job.


9:16 AM  

thanks val!
i appreciate knowing that you think that... because the rest of these people. oi.
miss you yots!
tory's still on the yist. boys.
yove you!

9:48 AM  

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