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so about an hour ago i was online, talking to my friend annie and trying to get some brainstorming done for summer youth retreats... and was booted offline by our irratic road runner service. i couldn't get back online, so instead i got some other things done... including type up (yes, type on a typewriter) our parish youth data info for our diocese. so i'm sitting in the other office talking to trish when the door opens and in walks...


the love of my life. my sweetness. and i think my jaw hit the floor and i was absolutely unable to think for a solid 5 minutes.

i miss him so much when he's not with me. but didn't realize how mush i wanted him here till he walked in.

and he's off running errands and getting things for dinner tonight and i am just so happy.

if anyone wanted to see pure joy, all they would need to do is look at me now.

i love you rick.


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