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random thoughts i've been having

1. john peter lewis should NOT have been voted off american idol last week. if fantasia goes, i quit.

2. bush is not going to win re-election this fall. he has sent our troops to a hostile environment that will, no matter what we do, continue to remain hostile. capturing sadaam is in no way equal to the price we have paid. oil cannot ever account for lives lost. i don't care how much i have to pay for gas. no life is worth it.

3. john kerry has an excellent chance of winning my vote.

4. my church (little c) causes me heartache when they do not show good manners & give support to fellow churches in our district.

5. my Church, big C, is wonderful. my diocese still a bit of a crazed place with all the changes, but i love it. a lot.

6. bad dreams do not stop when you grow up. nightmares are horrid.

7. so are allergies and head aches. allegra D makes you very thirsty.

8. the bishop's ball is a lot of work.

9. this site, dancin' Jesus, is perhaps the funniest thing i've seen in a long time, albeit without dancing crucifixes.

10. i miss little miss j. and sagey puppa. a yot.

11. rick too.

12. my mom is getting healthier. her school district is run by idiots though.

13. happening weekend is causing me to lose sleep and i'm not even going.

14. throwing carrots takes up a lot of time. i mean, A LOT of time. which reminds me....

15. i have to tell my vestry they too should be throwing some carrots. sheesh.

which means i have to stop writing this nonsensical list and go.


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