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one weekend
2 1/2 tanks of gas
559 miles
church on sunday
happening #42, white eagle friday and sunday
the love of my life friday and saturday

i have to say, it was so worth it.

to see my kiddies on sunday was great, at the close of another fabulous happening weekend. i am so happy for clare, so proud of val, so thankful for all of them, and so happy they had this weekend together. it makes me more excited about possible summer conference... :) they are great. they are all (almost all) in big trouble with me, but i love them.

and rick.... i'd be so much more boring, so less fulfilled in my life, less forgiving of my kids right now, *rueful grin*, ... i'd be missing something and wouldn't even know it. he's become vital to my very being. and i never even would have known him had i not come home this summer... had i not met marie. had i not come to st paul's. had i not had kristen in my life, and also of course the fro. it just seems like this past summer, with all the hell it inflicted upon me, now, with what i have in my life, was worth it.

he is so much to me. and i know there aren't words to tell him how much ....

someone like you, make it all worthwhile
someone like you, make me satisfied
someone exactly like you


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