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the 3 hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements, but moral acts: to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say 'i was wrong'.

~ sidney harris

i annoyed with myself. i manage to admit my wrong often. maybe too often, maybe when i shouldn't. i manage to include people who may be excluded otherwise. but returning love for hate...

most of my friends would say that i do this regularly. that i manage to give only love. but the last few times i've been in church, all i can wonder is if i'm actually forgiving someone who wrongs me when i can't move forward with that person. i know forgiveness doesn't mean i turn over and let them walk on me again. but there always needs (for me) to be a sense that we move forward. i can forgive, but i can't move forward with this person. i can't let them into my life anymore.

i know that letting them in again isn't necessarily part of forgiveness, but forgiveness to me is being able to move forward. and i'm certain we can move forward apart. i am moving forward in my life as i am certain this person is in their life. but... i can't return love for hate this time. i can't move forward with this person. and until i do, does that mean i'm witholding the forgiveness? i don't know....

what i do know is that working 3 jobs is tiring and i am happy that i get this saturday OFF from all 3. yay!!!! forever!!! himiny


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