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being pip-esque is a new word i have decided needed to be coined and put on the web for all to see, know, and understand. pip-esque is embodying of the very character of pip. who is a fabulous person and is someone everyone should know. he is sweet and kind, thoughtful, loyal, loving, and a darling. he is someone that every woman would love to have in her life as the love of her life, and that every man should model himself after.

pip-esque. know it. live it. be it.

(author's note: this is in reference to the fact that there are w-a-y too many guys in this world, and probably girls too, that get angry at someone's past and can't abide by what that someone needs in order to heal, move on, and just live. being friends does not mean the death of 'love' interest. caution isn't judgement.)


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