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washington, acolytes, madness, my kids

this weekend i travelled to washington DC for the nat'l acolyte festival. an acolyte, (for those not catholic, episcopal, methodist, or lutheran) is the people serving on the alter with the priest/pastor. usually kids who light candles, carry the cross, assist the pastor during the service. this festival is an annual event with literally thousands of people.

and in the midst of it all, i found my kids from st james. :) oh happy day! i was so happy to see my girls, they are as fun and funny as always and it was great to see them :) boy crazy, talkative, huggy, cute, and just the most entertaining with all their laughter and fun. i miss them very much.

as well, i was very... uncertain (?) about this trip before i left. as though i had no idea what i'd be getting into by going, how it would go, and what would happen. but it was a lot of fun. the kids were a riot, albeit a bit crazy. but we had a good time. the cathedral is so great too. awesome. so pretty. highly recommend it to anyone to go and see it. i wish we'd had more time there too. it would have been really fun to go and see all the gargoyles and learn about the windows more. oh well. next year is not that far away... :)

there's more to post, but that'll keep till tomorrow...


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