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the virginia complex

it seems to me lately that there's something about being a virginian that makes one think they are holier than thou. and then they try to pass it off as though it isn't there, but still manage to try to make you feel worthless all the same.

i knew when i moved down here it would be different. and a little hard. but what i have noticed is that permeating sense of "i'm better than you are... nyah nyah nyah nyah". i can't stand it. and it isn't found in those people who are not virginian by birth. or texan. the people i've met who i qualify as good people, syd and her husband, keith, l & k, many of my kids (by right of their parents not being born and bred VA'ians) aren't like that. they are good people. they are kind and thoughtful and listen and behave as one would expect friends to behave. ....the people i live with, and around, and certain others, being VA bred, have that. it disturbs me quite a bit, and will probably lead to my leaving VA eventually. simply because it drives me insane.

i know i am a good person. i also know i am of value and worth. for many reasons. but for some reason felt it was important that these people like me, being the people pleaser that i am, that the other stay at home moms in my neighborhood, as i am currently (but only for a week and a half more!!!!!) ...i wanted them to like me. clearly, from the get-go, i was not j. (the previous snotty nanny) (which explains a lot as far as the girls go) and the moms didn't like that i wasn't her. too bad. but i tried anyway, and thought they did, but it's clearer now than it was that i am merely a passing thing, and of no importance and so can be treated miserably, like dirt. or at least that is their plan.
the same goes for a certain few others, who shall remain nameless, but harbor the same attitude.

thereby, these people are not worth any more of my attention. in fact it isn't even worth the time i spent writing this. but 1) I feel better and 2) let it remind my family and friends that i am thankful for you. because you have not treated me as such, and i am thankful to have you. and actually a third, may it serve as a warning to those thinking of moving here, that unless you can purvey that same perfect attitude, this isn't the place for you.

and people ask why i love maryland and new york so much... is it any wonder??


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