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haven't been there since christmas. hadn't planned on being home until about now anyway.... but as much as i am trying to keep the previous blog (below), the comments i mean, in my mind, i cannot wait to go home. i need to go home. i need to see my little girl, who doesn't spaz about hair ties, i need to see my parents, all of them, and my grandparents, i need to hug my friends and be reminded that i can do what i'm about to do and that there is a place i can call home without feeling like i'm calling someone else's home mine.

i need to find a place to live.

i should also add my new church to the links over there... <--- but i really do need to go home for a bit and enjoy home and be there and see people and visit friends and go out to familiar places and all those things that go along with home. i just need to go and be quiet in a place i know better than any other and enjoy it.

i also need an adjustment on my neck, but that's another story entirely. :)


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