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surveys, stealing from others' blogs...

i get these kinds of surveys ALL THE TIME from my kids in NY, i mean seriously ALL THE TIME, and i tend to fill them out at random and always forward them, to certain people in my life. definitely my pookie, usually a few other kids of mine, and to the cwob, because he never sends them back and i always think maybe this time he'll humor me, but he doesn't... and it's funny because this have been going on for so long, i can't stop it now... anyway, was meandering around pip's page, linked to thie glenn guys' blog, and found this one....

A- Act your age? nope
B- Born on what day of the week? friday
C-Chore you hate? the dishes, still
D- Dad's name? john, step dad is brent
E- Essential makeup item? hair ties and mascara
F- Favorite actor? morgan freeman, actress nicole kidman
G- Gold or silver? silver, except my grandma's wedding ring
H- Hometown? Vestal, NY
I- Instruments you play? used to play piano, i manage now
J- Job title? current, nanny, soon, camp director, and after that, director of youth ministries (yay me!)
K- Kids? no thanks
L- Living arrangements? in the crazy house
M- Mom's name? julie, soon to be step mom, trish
N- Number of people you've slept with? debated answering this.... 5
O- Overnight hospital stays?dabated answering this too, knock on wood, none
P- Phobias? drowning, high places
Q- Q there wasn't one... queen for a day? yes, i'd take it
R- Religious affiliation? christian, narrowed down, episcopalian
S- Siblings? 1 brother, 2 step sisters
T- Time you wake up? 6:30, every morning
U- Unique habit? reading before i go to sleep no matter how exhausted i am
V- Vegetable you refuse to eat? lima beans.
W- Worst habit? probably playing with my hair or cracking my back/knees/knuckles/ankles/etc
X- X-rays you've had? not many, have broken nothing, but had MRI's, do they count?
Yummy food you make? lasagne, clam chowder, veggie minestrone (several people can attest to all of those)
Z- Zodiac sign? virgo (9/17)

so there it is, another random survey. thanks pip for leading me to glenn, thanks glenn for finding this one. cwob, no need to reply.


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