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sincerity, integrity

something so many seem to be lacking. and yet, so many whom i love, harbor.

there is a quote, 'tell me what company you keep, and i'll tell you what you are' -cervantes and 'tell me who your friends are and i'll tell you who you are' -assyrian proverb....
the point is the same, you are shown to the world by the friends you have, the company you choose to keep. i am blessed in this all the time. my pookie, she is the greatest, i am so lucky to have her. b., so thankful that we've been friends through such messes, mostly of my creation. jonathan, same deal. the cwob (he's going to be forever known as such on this site... i pity those who don't start reading it till next month or later, when they can't find the archived post... c'est la vie), still strong. syd, how much cooler can you get?? stacey, one week, and bestest buds. dana and my baby girl T., it doesn't get any better than unconditional love. my brother, my parents, all of them. *sigh*....

i once delivered a 'talk' at a retreat a couple of years ago, using that quote by cervantes and leading off into who i am based soley on who my friends are... whenever i think back to that weekend, or that quote, it strikes me that i am so blessed in my friends. so blessed in my family. so blessed by the truth in our friendships, our love, our sincerity. their integrity to me. thanks guys.


i felt the need to add to this because that quote keeps coming back to me. so i am re-publishing this blog with this addition...

my friends, my best friends..
pookie. she's the girl i go to for everything. she's honest, level headed, open, sincere, devoted, loving. she is a person i have relied on and has been there in all times, in all situations, for years. without her, i would not survive. she accepts calls at insane hours and always has, she sends long distance hugs, she listens without judgement and gives freely to those she loves. she's careful and i need that because i am too often reckless. i am so very lucky to have had her in my life for as long as i have, through as much as i have.

b. 5 years ago i never would have imagined we'd be the friends we are today. age differences aside, he is wise, truthful, loyal to no end, and unconditionally loving of those who have stood the test of time. his best friends have been his best friends, apart from myself, for over 15 years. he's known them from childhood and fosters those relationships with the nurturing ability a gardener gives to each flower. and little me has been allowed into that person, into that heart.

syd. for only 11 months has been my strength in the worst moments. this job has not been easy. furthest thing from it. and at times i've hated being here, questioned what the hell i'm doing in this, but through it, i have gained someone who is the best friend one could have gained. she is thoughtful, intuitive, aware, conscientious, open, loving, and so very patient. she is going to be the best mom ever, and i am so lucky to get to be in her life, her husbands, and the baby's.

and i just felt that i needed to tell those people thanks.



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