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plan B

this is a short, women's advocacy comment, and i doubt my little comments will change legislation, till i make the comments louder and send them to the right people, but here goes....

plan B is a 'morning after' pill, emergency contraception. currently, you have to go to a doctor or emergency room or planned parenthood to get it. it only works if taken within the first 72 hours. it really only works best if taken within the first 12. for anyone who has ever experienced the fear and dread, the first 12 hours may be on a sunday when doctors and PP are closed. emergency rooms don't view this as a serious emergency, and it's unlikely to get it within the 12 hours. currently, they are pushing for legislation to make it an over the counter drug. i am not sure i go for it being on shelves beside toothpaste and condoms, but behind the counter at the pharmacies works for me. that way, the pharmacists can counsel people at least on how to take it, when, etc.

i see the point in this method. this is not an abortion, it works to prevent the egg and sperm from producing a baby, it is a contraception, much like birth control pills. (so similar in fact, they use birth control pills, taken in large doses, to do the exact same thing). i understand and believe that the effort to push it through to becoming something more readily available and more accessable (without a prescription for those of us without health ins.). as i know more, i'm planning on posting it here. the point? women's bodies are still at risk of relying on the government for our health and well being. i'm not pushing for anyone to use it, i'm pushing for the choice to be there. without the choice, women will be back to alleys having abortions done by people wearing ski masks and nearly dying from it. my aunt almost died making that choice.

**also, i know several of my friends are against abortion, and this may fall under that pretense for them as well. i respect your choices, just as i have to respect the choices of friends who would choose an abortion. i may not agree, but i can understand.


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