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moses, miriam, and me

i spent this past weekend at a youth leaders weekend in richmond.
i wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be one of the most powerful things i've done. for myself that is.
we focused completely on the story of moses' birth, his mother not being able to keep him and giving him 'away' in the hope that he would survive.
i have to say, i identified with the mother in many ways. it is so hard to watch kids grow up, let them go, ... it's tough. but miriam, she is who i really empathized with. miriam is watching her mother waterproof a basket, put her baby brother in it, set him in the reeds by the river, and walk away. ... miriam and i have much in common. we cannot let it go. we want to rescue our brother in whatever way we can. if it means having the courage to speak to pharoah's duaghter, then so be it. if it meant jumping out of the hiding place we were in to save him from going too far in the river, we'd do it. if it means standing by, watching and praying.. then that is what we will do. ...
it is what i am doing. still.


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