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just wanted to note a couple while i'm thinking about it. having added CW 4 Life as well.....
the links are various friend's pages, church pages, etc. but i wanted to highlight a couple.
(ok, all)

CW4Life, as i've just mentioned it, is my camp in MD that i LOVE. i mean L-O-V-E. you have no idea how much. the only other place on earth i love more is the lake. and as it doesn't have a website... CW fits the bill. camp wright is a place i adore for so many reasons, the friends i've made, the kids i've worked with, the naps i've taken. honestly. i haven't ever slept better in my life than at CW. the sounds of the bay crashing into the bulkhead. mmm... i could fall asleep day dreaming about it.
regardless, if you have never been to camp, haven't considered camp. this is the place that would change your entire opinion. several of my dearest friends are from there. katherine, ksb, jon, z, .... on and on. i miss it everyday i'm not there. and am thinking i may go back there someday....
Aunt Susan's Art, is my aunt susan's art work, online. susan was one of my heros. i love her so much. and was so lucky to have had her in my life and to know her as an adult rather than as a child knows her aunt. she was, is, amazing. i miss her lots. and her artwork at least let's me hang onto her a little more, each day than i would be able to otherwise. let's me see her a little really... it's hard to explain.
Pip's World and ValMarie, friends of my pookie (who for those of you who don't know her, is my best friend, i call her pookie... well, it's been a long standing joke for a few years... even my kids know her as pookie). anyway, pip and val maintain their websites better than i and are far smarter than me too. valmarie and pookie-kins (hee hee) also write the bride's journey. smart girls are they....
Relevant, is a site that is relevant to me, my age bracket, my friends, in more ways than one.
I Love NY, because i do. a lot.
the church sites, my churches. yes, plural.
ma cousine, is my cousin. she is highly entertaining in many ways, and if we had stories up here (either site) of things we did as children and teens, we'd be either insanely rich, or institutionalized. (yes, locked up. you heard me. we're such bad asses HA! beep blah! RC!! ... i'm incriminating myself)
Dan Eldon, a man i admire, who went to school in africa with two of my favorite kenyan men. j and m are college friends who pookie and i love to pieces. we used to spend a lot of time with them as they were soccer men and very entertaining. j almost killed m once when he threw a machetti at him, they both have lived to be married now. we are all glad of it. but dan was a photo journalist. amazing life he lived. and as i think i have a lot to learn from him, as does the world, he's on here. so a few more people may find him.
Wegmans, northerners know it. northerners love it. weggies is the best place on earth. esp. if you are from rah-cha-cha.
the remaining 3 are sites connected to this by the webdesigner who's page/ideas i am 'using' through the blogger site. all interesting, all something worth checking into. for whatever you fancy.
(yes, i did just finish a christmas carol sunday, fancy was used a few times in various speeches. work with me people).
so ends my tribute to my links. i'm happy to add more. if i think they're worth it.
most worthy, excluding CW because it is the greatest PLACE on earth, my aunt susan's. i hope she knew how much we loved her, how much we would miss her, how much she affected each of us. ...
that's for another day. and another blog.


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