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one of those weeks....

so i have been having one. why does this seem to always happen? once every few months, everything, literally, is a wreck?? my car, which i just had fixed (starter, 300+ ) went on sunday, i had to be a girl, b. ... well, emotionally, i can't take it, the girls were wildly insane, the dad went out of town, so it was mom and i, which means dinner out (which isn't a bad thing, but always tough), i ran over the d@^^% recycle bin this morning, was almost hit by a mad woman at the grocery store... i mean honestly, what is it about my life this week that had to just render me insane????? does God have a checklist up there, and said, 'oh yes, nannykate, she has been doing all right. had a good week and a good weekend. i think ...NOW is the time to see how she handles stress'
GOD, i don't think now was quite the time.
there's no place like home *click*
there's no place like home *click*
there's no place like home *click*
damn, it didn't work.


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