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diary of nannykate

i have decided to remove that blog for various reasons...
one being i simply don't keep up with it, it isn't my entire life that is. and so i don't write to it often.
as well, it was written in many ways to simply vent about things, and i've done that now, and am done doing so. i think that it has potential to damage things in areas of my life, and so i have removed it. i apoligize to valmarie and pip as my site was linked to theirs, they will have to remove it. but i felt it was time. it simply was worrying me too much, too often. and it isn't worth it.
this site on the other hand, i feel has done me good and is doing good for certain friends. so i will continue to post re: families and divorce, friends, my life in general. because it's not that i think my life is so fabulous you all need to read it, it's more a thought that i think somewhere it may help someone, and so far, it seems to have done so. so nannykate real life continues...
my thanks to the faithful.

comment ~ i have removed my OTHER blog site, not this one. although the other can still be found via val's site, i am trying to emove it entirely... however, it is still popping up. regardless, this site will continue, but the other page, diary of nanny kate will be no more.


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