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before noon today...

i had a broken leg, healed by dr. j., was minnie mouse, built a kitchen, and saw the guts of a million worms splattered and smashed on the ground.
a day in the life...
honestly :)

i can say i will never be a nanny again nor will i tell people to do it that it's a 'great job' because in many ways it isn't, but i can also say that these two girls make my life far richer than it would be without them. i am thankful each day for them.

on another note, i would like to say, publicly, i am not one to 'wig out' frequently, despite thoughts to the contrary by some... certain peoples in my life.
although i worry far more than i should, i am not typically freaked about all that much in my life. although i am aware of how that appears contradictory to these certain peoples (as my apparent personality falls in that of the type A group), it isn't. not by a long shot.

(i know how random that was, i'm not concerned.)
my hope for the day is that certain someones... no, nevermind.
(i also know i can edit things and show whatever i want on here, but for some reason, don't feel like editing that)


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