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news from nannylife...

my 6 months is fast approaching and i am thankful.
for a lot of things. i do like this family. i love the girls and we have a ton of fun together. but i have learned a lot of things. one being, this is not really the job for me. i love kids, and i enjoy the area, my VA family, all kinds of aspects of this job and the 'perks' that go with it. but i'm definietely not cut out for being a nanny. so although when i do leave, it'll be hard, i know i am leaving a job i'm not destined for anyway. i was talking to another nanny today, who's been doing this since '94. (off and on she said). i cannot imagine doing this for more than a year, or it being a lifelong profession. but i think it's simply because i'm not nanny material from the start.
i'm hopeful whoever replaces me in 6 months will love these girls as much as i do. maybe more and be more nanny-ish :)
in other news... let's see... i'm heading home soon again. for t-giving and my (non)turkey day with my families. always fun. will be spending time with friends while home too, one being my friend chris (who i doubt has read this site EVER) who has a nasty habit of reminding me of my age. he's going to get his soon. grr.
in addition, i'll be able to spend some quality time, i'm hoping, with b. who has been and despite his contrary thinking (due to lack of communique) is still one of my very best friends. i would truly be lost without and whom i also need to convince that GA is not the place to be. (any ideas would be helpful).
beyond this, i am preparing for my role as the ghost of christmas present in an upcoming production i am in and am generally enjoying life. it's easier in some ways this nannylife...
so although i have no words of wisdom for the day or for now anyway, i can say that i am happy in where i am and pray my friends are too.


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