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...every so often, we are granted a silver sliver in time: a moment of reprieve when everything that once seemed in control is taken away, and we are forced to slow down. ...they are granted as kisses from God to remind you that you're alive and He is with you.

the relevant site is awesome, my thanks to those who introduced me to it. this... this article, found in the life section, made me relax just a little bit. it's been a busy day. the girls were wild and whiny at times. they argued, we rushed, we had a lot to do today. ....
in the middle of my days though, i get to read to the younger of the two. we read for an hour sometimes, sometimes even longer. and i get a little drowsy and finally understand why my dad would always fall asleep reading to me. but i wouldn't trade that part of my day with mr and mrs for anything.
(i know this is my 'other stuff' page, and the nanny info is on the other page, but ...)
those are my moments with miss j. of quiet, calm, drowsy, peaceful bliss. we must read 20 or more books almost every single day. and i am so glad we do.
my prayer for my friends and family who are keeping up with me via this get to have those moments in time. when you get to sigh and be content. it doesn't last all day. it doesn't even last for hours usually, but God they are great. and i am so glad to have them everyday. and ... yeah, i wish i had more with my favoritest girl taylor. or pookie. dana, my family, b., my kids....
but thinking back, i've had them with everyone, and i'm glad for them.


today i took miss j. to school and then miss s. and i went to the playground to hang out for a while. (we've been doing this for a week or so now). and today her friend, miss e.o. came out and joined us. the two girls were on the swings, literally, for 20 minutes. doing nothing but swinging. back and forth, back and forth. the methodical rhythm of the swings hooks making those creaky sounds, and the girls thinking of nothing but how high they could swing.
i'm finding the silver slivers more.
and i'm grateful for them.


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