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my babies...

i just got an email from one of my best friends ever... telling me that one of my girls' mom passed away this past week.
cancer. again.
and all i can say is that i wish i was in NY right now. not for a long time, not to hold jamie's hand for days on end and just stay up there, but just for a minute.
because i know i can't be there for long. i can't be and she couldn't have me be around as much as i would like to be.
but just to give her a hug.
say a prayer.
tell her i love her.

and cry with her.

and tell her again how much i care for her and am here if she ever needs me.

just that. i miss my kids as it is... and i'm not the one suffering in this, but i wish i could be home to make jamie's suffering a little less. maybe just a fraction smaller, a tiny bit less, but less all the same.
jamie is one of the greatest and coolest people i know. and incredibly wise. and so very strong. and i pray her strong faith holds her up now, and her friends and family. i miss her.... and her mom.
my love and prayers to my girl jamie... tears are being shed for you. and prayers are being offerred. and God's hand is holding on to you.
just like it was last monday, last month, last year. always. He's with you sweet girl. hang on.


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