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problems with this site....

i seem to be having them with my posting page, but i'll post anyway.
the sniper has now hit 11 targets, and killed 9 people.
9 people, that's now more than my immeadiate family including my step dad, my dad's girlfriend, and my brother's girlfriend and her 2 kids. the 2 who are alive still, one woman is out of the hospital and is all right, the 13 year old boy is still in, still in critical condition.
this maniac is still out there and i hate the fear that is taking over the area. why am i living here again??? what am i doing this close to the nations capital when all i've ever wanted is to live in a log cabin house in the woods by a lake.
i'm going home.
well no, not really, but i want to some days.
i hate being afraid. and now i worry too, because they are in fairfax county, just south of us, and my friends kevin and carrie and their little daughter live there. and kevin's a police officer.... please God, keep them safe. please God, keep us all safe. please God, let us catch this terror and be able to breathe a little easier again.
please God.


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